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Great House
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Need to Keep Up

Well, it has been pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that I am behind on my blog even though I Tweet, FB, cook, clean, worked on design of new cards, rack cards and now website.  And by the way the Lazy T is having a record third year.  Now I am a full time resident of the Lazy T which means I completed the move from my home of 25 years.  So I am proud to say that I will attempt to keep up.  I really think my guests come first, but some people prefer to push that you are all things to all people. 

It's Spring in Texas and the drought is really bad.  Mowing will be a minimum but watering will be required entertainment.  With gas reaching record highs travel is well thought out.  The world is in turmoil and earthquakes won't stop.  I am sure I could think of more bad things, but I choose not to.

I choose to keep on keeping on.  People continue to need to get away from all the daily life issues that make their lives hard.  It is my job to see that they have the best value experience for their hard earned money.  There are more goodies and bigger breakfasts at the Lazy T.  There are more shared experiences and shared sunsets at the Lazy T.  There are more morning laughs, more music, and more star gazing at the Lazy T.  There is more of a drive for me to "Keep Up" at the Lazy T.  For you see, the guests who come as strangers and leave as friends are my reason to be at the Lazy T.

Happy to be bone weary but "keepin' up".  Hugs and Sunsets, kk