Great House

Great House
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Leonardo Da Vinci

A home cooked meal, a comfy bed with great linens, bright stars and brilliant sunsets, peace and quiet, or exhilarating conversation.  It's pretty simple.  No themes and gadgets; no silly names and come-ons.  Life at the Lazy T is simple and sensible.  Life in Fredericksburg is the same way.  I ran a few errands the other day and when I came home my average MPH per my car was 20!
Baking brownies, coffee cakes, and pouring wine for new found friends is a great way to live.  It's like throwing a party many days a week.  Someone asked me if I had made any friends in FBG, I answered yes, at least 10 a weekend.  My world expands greatly guest by guest.