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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Gardener's Eden - Autumn Light…

The Gardener's Eden - Autumn Light…

This is gorgeous photography. Just had to share my new find.

Wow, it is busy season at the Lazy T. We have been blessed with wonderful weather for weeks. I went to Wildseed Farm on Saturday and bought tons of new wildflower seed to plant. Looking for a day before rain to put them out. Will have to put them out by Sunday any way. Just an FYI the sweet lady at WSF told me to mix five parts sand with one part seed to throw them out. She also said if you start watering them you have to keep at it. So her advice was let nature take it's course. It worked last year. I need to find out what they are predicting for this winter.

We have been blessed with the most gracious and fun guests. I went to Trade Days this last Sunday and met some folks I have found on FB and Twitter. It pays to get the word out. Oh, Sister, Sister shows in their new Pink Cottage in FBG and also at Canton. They have a FB page with information about their shows. They have beautiful all lined clothing in great colors. Also, the all cotton gowns are so pretty and comfortable. Check them out and then call 325-446-3906 or

My other new find was Blue Trading Company. They also show in Canton. Wayne & Merilee are just the nicest couple and I enjoyed chatting with them. Wayne is my Twitter friend and really enjoys tweeting. They have great home decor--some old and some new. They are on FB as Blue Trading Company. Also, you can email If you twitter look them up at Wayne would love to let you know what's new. Their website is

Well, enjoy all my new finds. I know there is something you'll love.

Hugs and Sunsets,

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